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BattleField 1942    
BattleField 1.5 (1102)30-Dec-2003 10:592.85 MB-install the game
-apply official 1.5 patch
-install latest parhelia drivers (1.0.6 beta)
-install a 1.5 nocd (i think it's not hard too find)
-replace main exe by this one
-edit your videodefault.con file to set renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1

Now, you should be able to play in SG ;) 
Battlefield SW of WWII 1.45 (422)04-Jan-2004 18:142.85 MBinstall a nocd patch first 
BattleField 1.6 (599)04-Feb-2004 19:111.86 MBinstall a nocd patch first. 
Battlefield 1.61 (738)23-Dec-2004 22:151.87 MBNot tested.
Backup your original file first. 

F1 Challenge 99-02    
F1 Challenge 99-02 (4521)30-Dec-2003 15:051.25 MBYou need to adjust FOV.
see this topic on Matrox's Forum 
F1 Challenge GTR2002 Mod (715)30-Dec-2003 15:081.25 MBLink to GTR2002 Mod 

GTA 3 Vice City  (NoCD file)  
GTA3 Vice City 1.0 (921)31-Dec-2003 15:411.23 MB-Replace main exe file
-Simply choose wide screen when you use a Surround Gaming resolution 

Need For Speed Underground  Only for US version  
NFS underground 1.01 (628)30-Dec-2003 11:461.48 MB 
NFS underground 1.02 (610)30-Dec-2003 11:471.5 MB 
NFS underground 1.03 (777)04-Jan-2004 19:011.5 MB 

Need For Speed Underground 2  only tested on french version.  
NFS Underground 2 (592)04-Dec-2004 12:282.19 MB 

Prince Of Persia Sand Of Time    
PoP Sand Of Time 1.0 (770)30-Dec-2003 17:031.83 MBYou can now choose resolution from 640x480 to 3072x768.
Fov is auto adjusted. 
PoP Sand Of Time NoCD 1.0 (517)31-Dec-2003 12:361.83 MBNoCD version 

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